CBSE Class 10 Study Tips


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Class 10 is one of the first stepping stones in terms of academics and professional career. The path which the student chooses will impact them for the rest of their lives. Therefore, it is imperative that the student prepares well for their CBSE class 10 exams. Adopt these study tips and tricks which can help you to secure more marks with ease:

Making Notes

Making notes during lectures or study sessions is a very effective study technique. This is because of the fact that the hands, eyes, ears and the mind coordinate to process and record information. This means that the students are more engaged and alert, enabling easy comprehension of information. Furthermore, these notes act as another useful point of reference when preparing for exams.

Information Chunking

Our brains are wired to remember smaller strings or pieces of information easily. This is the reason why we can remember birthdates, phone numbers or even our ATM pins. Information chunking revolves around the same concept – breaking down large blocks of information into smaller, easily comprehendible chucks. Moreover, it reduces the mental strain and relieves cognitive load, which translates to a better learning experience.

Review and Revise

A learning process is incomplete if students don’t revise what they learnt. Essentially, revision helps to solidify information and help recall the same with ease. In an examination, time is rather precious and the ability to recall information with ease is very beneficial. Besides this, the information can be recollected accurately and without distortion. This is important when certain aspects such as formulas or equations are involved.

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