Philadelphia doughnut shop makes greased pole doughnut for Eagles fans


Dottie's Donuts in Philadelphia is doubling down on Philly pride by serving a new "greased pole" doughnut, and abstaining from serving any "New England themed" dessert.

Philadelphia Eagles fans are rejoicing now that the beloved birds are in the Super Bowl. But before the victory over the Minnesota Vikings, the city of Philadelphia took preemptive measures to ensure overjoyed fans didn’t get out of hand – and it rustled some feathers.


The dubbed “Crisco Cops” took to the streets to grease the lampposts with Crisco to prevent Eagles fans from climbing them. Though the fans, of course, found a way around the slippery substance, one doughnut shop in Philadelphia is paying tribute to the greased poles that Philly fans love to undermine.

Dottie’s Donuts, a vegan sweet shop in Philadelphia, launched a new treat in honor of the “Crisco Cops” work – a greased pole doughnut.

Dottie’s posted a photo of the confection on Instagram with the caption, “Today we’re proud to present Philadelphia with our newest piece of art titled ‘eagles fan on greased pole’.”

Though the long chocolate dough with vanilla glaze and green matcha frosting looks a little more like a zombie finger than a light pole, Philadelphia fans seem to be enjoying it. The photo earned over 1,700 likes in just a day.

That’s not all Dottie’s is doing to sport Philadelphia Eagle pride, though. The doughnut shop announced on Facebook that is will no longer be serving Boston Cream until after the big game.

“Until the eagles win the super bowl we won’t be serving our Boston cream donuts or any other ‘New England themed’ donuts. Replacing the boston cream is our cookies and cream donut,” Dottie’s Donuts wrote.

The Philadelphia Eagles are squaring off against the New England Patriots in the 52nd Super Bowl in Minneapolis, MN.


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