This ‘smart mirror’ will tell you everything that’s wrong with your face


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the fairest complexion of them all?

The HiMirror “smart mirror” tablet, launched this week at the CES tech show in Las Vegas, can tell you — after all, it was designed to critique your face.

The gizmo, which comes with a built-in camera, analyzes your face for flaws, including redness, wrinkles and dark spots.

Users are encouraged to snap a no-makeup selfie every day, so the device can gauge the condition of their skin and generate personalized regimes and products to help with firmness, brightness and clarity.

The gadget does more than just judge you: It also provides news updates and weather forecasts, plays music and makeup tutorials, and can consult Amazon’s beloved robot assistant, Alexa.

The futuristic product is slated to hit the market this summer for $189, which is maybe less than a trip to the dermatologist, depending on your co-pay situation.


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