Tips to Identify a Good Rummy Player


It is never too difficult to identify a rummy player. This is because some habits are a part of a good rummy player. If you are a regular participant of rummy games, you may use the following tips to identify good rummy players in your circles. If you notice any of the following habits in your friends or colleagues, know that these are people who can be trained to be good players in rummy. So, go ahead and read the tips listed below:

He Will Have A Plan for Everything

If you have to be good at rummy, you need to have good planning skills. This rule works in the reverse order too. A person who is good at planning will invariably be good at Rummy Patti Game. As soon as the cards are distributed by the dealer in rummy, the player needs to assess the hand and plan his future moves accordingly. This gives him an ability to plan the game right from the start.

He Will Possess Organising Skills

We commonly observe that a person who is poor at organising fails miserably at rummy. A good player does not leave an opportunity to use his organising skills. As soon as he gets the cards in his hands, he starts arranging them. He will place all jokers to one end of the hand. Towards the centre of the hand, he will arrange pair of cards of the same sign which may form a sequence. Towards the other end, he will arrange the cards that need to be disposed. This arrangement makes playing the card games easy. It also helps you remember your hand while you play.

He Will Be Observant

While playing rummy, one needs to focus not just on his cards but also on the moves of the opponent. He needs to see what cards the opponent plays. An expert in rummy will see what cards are disposed by the opponent. This will help him understand what sequences or sets the opponent plans to make. He will alter his own moves based on this knowledge.

He Will Know When Not to Take Risks

A bad hand means that the chances of winning are bleak. In rummy, you have an option to pass your turn with a penalty of 20-25 points or play the game. At the very beginning of the game, a rummy player may quit if he thinks he won’t win the game. He won’t take risk and rather quit before it is too late. Infact, a good rummy player won’t hesitate to pass half-way through the game either if he thinks the opponent is about to win and he hasn’t made a pure sequence or life. In such situations, he will be charged 40-50 points.

He Will Always Be Keen to Learn

A good learner is a good rummy player. If a person already knows one variation of rummy but wants to learn new types, he sure will end up as a better player. He may play rummy online on sites like KhelplayRummy and master the unique variations of the game. This is his way to understand te nuances of the game and to add to his own confidence.

He Will Be Wise with Money Management

Points management and money management are quite similar. In rummy, the goal of a player is to minimise the points in one’s hand. In money management, one needs to minimize the expenses. Since a rummy player is accustomed to reducing the points as soon as the life is formed, he will know how to manage money as well. A rummy fan will always dispose high point cards on the first opportunity and make sure points in the hand are least.

He Will Value Other’s Time

Last yet not the least, a good rummy gamer knows the significance of another player’s time. He won’t keep you waiting for him to complete his turn. He will know not to irritate other players by taking too much time.

Look around for these traits and you are sure to find a good rummy player not too far!


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