Tom Brady’s booty shorts with faces spark debate


The five-time Super Bowl winner's latest look is causing a stir.

Tom Brady, who appreciates style, raised more than a few eyebrows when he sported a pair of “booty shorts” this week printed with photos of his children.

The New England Patriots quarterback shared a shot of himself to Instagram Wednesday, wearing a gray hoodie and the controversial shorts on an empty beach, where he was evidently training for the upcoming season.

He also captioned the pic with a quote attributed to Muhammad Ali, which read, “The More REAL You Get… The More UNREAL It Gets.”


Instagram commentators soon began chiming in, with some chastising the five-time Super Bowl winner for attributing the quote to the legendary boxer, as they believed it to be said by John Lennon, instead. Many others, however, began to contemplate the meaning of Brady’s skintight shorts.

With Brady’s thighs posed at an angle in the image, the bottoms appear to feature a photo of his son John, 10, or Benjamin, 8. It is not clear from the photo if his daughter, Vivian, 5, is also pictured on the shorts.

Some social media commentators praised #12’s unique look, while others were left confused.

“New career: underwear model!” one supporter applauded on Instagram.

“Tommy u know I love u but what r those,” another chimed in.

Naturally, reactions from the Twitterverse were even more heated.

Fans heaped praise on Brady’s shorts, describing them as “Absolutely fire” and “European,” noting that they “Look Much better on him than they would on any other man.”

“Is Tom Brady wearing booty shorts with his kids on them please don’t confirm,” a critic clapped, while another dubbed them as “just plain wrong.”


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